Fresh fruits and vegetables

IQube Company has been specializing in fruits and vegetables survey for 10 years. That’s why we can say that we have expert knowledge in this sphere. Core education, experience and detachment valuation of disputable situations - are the main grade of our experts who can reasonably define diseases, time and reason of cargo damage and extent of damage. Major suppliers and distributors know IQube Company as an experienced and professional surveyor.

Particularity of fruits and vegetables survey

During transportation of one shipment of load there can be several contractor carriers, several vehicles. And during all this way a lot of conditions of storage for such a delicate cargo as fruits and vegetables must be observed. If the carrier and insurance company don’t want to accept endamanagement it is necessary to involve a competent Third Party to solve the dispute. IQube Company has been rendering such service for more than 10 years and decision issued by our specialists have reliance at every party of transport-logistic chain.

Fruits and vegetables are perishable goods and it is important to observe all conditions during harvest, assortment, washing, laying, packing, storage and transportation. Often there is some nonobservance in the chain of delivery from manufacturer to the final receiver. Such situation can lead to a vendibility loss, full or half good’s damage, fruit and vegetable disease, shot delivery in quality as also in weight and so on. It is important to observe labeling of cargo place which is not always fully observed by the suppliers. In foreign trade practice it has become normal when supplier is in one country and the buyer in another and the good is dispatched from some other country (or as minimum from another city) and the goods receipt takes place in some other country or city different from the place of buyer. Under such conditions neither supplier nor buyer don’t see the goods and by doing so the goods, being perishable, can change its’ capacity during transportation. To defend risks because of the cargo price loss due to some reasons we recommend suppliers as also as buyers and all people in the chain of fruits/vegetables supply involve third party – Survey company for checking and fixation state of goods during change of ownership from one party to another. This will allow to detect defective product in time and to identify extent of liability of every Party.
IQube company has a big consultant network not only in Russia but also in other countries (Turkey, Poland, and China) who have long experience and core education, confirmed by National Education Diploma in commodity merchandising sphere. Our specialist have constant practice in fruits and vegetables expert report , the can not only detect defective product but also detect type of disease or goods’ damage and even the reason of damage, under some circumstances - offending party. After inspection in maximum 24 hours an expert report is made. This report reflects cargo, package, seal, temperature, label states. The report is confirmed with photo base, where every stage of inspection is fixed. In longstanding experience IQube company made a name as a survey company, which does all the inspections professionally with high quality service in accordance with international standards, that’s why our expert reports are recognized by suppliers and buyers all over the world.

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