The main function of survey service is consulting. An employee of a survey company makes expert report of cargo/vessel and give recommendations to reduce risks. To receive a list of preventive actions is highly important for the vessel’s owner as it will allow him to reduce expenditure and to safe cargo throughout transportation.

It’s worth to remark that a detached surveyor makes an export report in common, which means not only cargo inspection but also vessel convenience for transportation.

Survey service in consulting includes obligatory inspection of cargo damage. Surveyor makes regular inspections and mark if the cargo is damaged and also gets to the bottom of cargo damage. It is very important for the vessel’s owner, as the right determination of cargo damage reasons gives opportunity to understand if it is an insurable event and if the cargo’s owner receives amends. While investigation of an insurable event the employee for the survey company serves as average commissar.

At bottom all the survey services lie in constant expert report and cargo status observation. Surveyor makes a surveyor report which is the main and indisputable document for insurance company. It also has a full force and effect in court. Besides that survey service also includes help in drafting and filling the documents necessary for cargo transportation.

Below you can find some advices for the cargo owner (Insurant) from the survey companies:

  • Make a stock account or hire a tentative tallyman

  • Hold an inspection of a cargo carrier with a view to damages

  • Hold an inspection of a cargo vehicle with respect to applicability for concrete type cargo transportation (temperature, package…)

  • Hold an inspection of a cargo carrier with a view to foreign smell

  • Write notes on delivery documents before signing them by the driver

  • Don’t mask damages from the insurance company

  • Always inform insurance companies about damage determination

  • Hire your own detached surveyor

  • Invite all the parties for examination of the damages

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