Grain, oil-plant and seed oil

Expert report is of grain cargo, survey service during grain transportation, laboratory tests of samples at different stages of transportation all these is the main direction of IQube Company. Skilled professionals, who can precisely identify damages. Grain diseases, violation of transportation or storage conditions and also actual damage are the main passport for success of IQube company and the base for reputation on detaches surveyor’s market. IQube has 2 laboratories in Rostov and Novorossiysk. Every laboratory is specially equipped for grain sample testing. Our key benefit is functional equipment of Perten mark that can do necessary samples fast and highly précised. Research quickness and results’ accuracy – is our client’s security in goods quality, continuality of supply chain and ultimately in business stability.

Particularity of grain survey

High scope of grain turnover in peak seasons needs a good teamwork of all the participants of the supply process. We made a surveyor work so that all the necessary inspections and audits were made fast and without loss of quality of the inspections.

Our service:

  • Harvest monitoring

  • Preliminary inspection of grain elevators or warehouses with a view to grain applicability

  • Weight control of carriers (empty and loaded)

  • Checking the applicability of vessels/ vehicles. Inspection of under deck’s state and its readiness to pick up the load.

  • Observation over loading carrying out accuracy anв controlling the whole process of grain loading into the under deck.

  • Tallyman invoice and weight control with the help of elevators’ scales or terminal.

  • Visual inspection of the cargo toward absence of injurious additives and depredators.

  • Grain sampling in accordance with Russian or international standards.

  • Vessel’s draft survey/ determination of bulk load quantity

  • Realization of emergency analysis of grain samples on the spot of inspection (humidity, grain unit, black dockage, corn bug’s damages, damaged grain’s content, protein content, gluten content, etc.).

  •   Constant client’s information according the cargo state and progress of work.

  • Making laboratory analysis of grain crops in IQube laboratories with ISO/ ALL-State Union Standard/ GAFRA   accreditation (humidity, grain unit, black dockage, corn bug’s damages, damaged grain’s content, protein content, gluten content, falling number, dough rheology – W and so on).

  • Goods inspection during warehousing, storage operations.

  • Issuing of reports and certificate.


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