1. Visual inspection of cargo in the time of loading/unloading on/from carrier vehicle

  2. Examination of carrier vehicle before loading with respect to applicability for concrete type cargo transportation.

  3. Expert quality and quantity report before unloading from the vehicle, stock placement, ex-store delivery, loading on vehicle.

  4. Sampling for further sending to the client or laboratory for making tests.

  5. Checking the documents for correct marks and line-codes on the package.

  6. Checking quality and integrity of the package.

  7. Hanging seals on and their removals, seal integrity checking before container, vehicle or coli opening.

  8. Determination of the stowed cargo quantity on any vehicle. Draught survey of vessels. Tankers’ ullage.

  9. Verification of equipment work while in operation and observance of process conditions and constrained parameter.

  10. Supplier control during the process of production, packaging, warehousing, offloading and transportation.

  11. Survey against international requirements and standards including Russian.

  12. Inspection of goods’, equipment, assemblies, machines, etc. configuration, regulation and standard.

  13. Pre-shipment inspection, conformance inspection of supplied goods with contract conditions, technical specifications and regulations.

  14. Inspection of a disabled vehicle, article. Damage cause isolation and loss sizing.

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