Imports of Turkish greenhouse vegetables rose to 29.3 thousand tons at the beginning of 2020.

The volume of supplies of greenhouse vegetables from Turkey to the Russian market at the beginning of 2020 amounted to 29.3 thousand tons, or $ 28 million in monetary terms.

Analysts at ROIF Expert noted that due to the sharp increase in supplies, Turkish companies have surpassed traditionally the largest exporters of this product category - Azerbaijan and China.

As follows from the report of the agency “Condition and analysis of the greenhouse industry in Russia: research and forecast until 2024”, for 2016-2019. import of Turkish vegetables grew 20 times. Last year, Turkey increased sales of greenhouse vegetables to the Russian market by $ 66.2 million, crowding out competitors from Belarus, Morocco, Iran and Israel.

Turkish exporters increased their presence in the Russian market despite a 5.3% overall decline in imports in this category in physical terms in 2019. The progress of Turkish companies is especially noticeable against the background of the gradual crowding out of importers by Russian producers of greenhouse vegetables, the production of which for 2016-2019 years increased by 471.5 thousand tons with an increase in space by 36.9%.

“But this is not enough to meet growing demand. In 2019 alone, it increased by 9.5 billion rubles. Active growth in the Russian market of greenhouse vegetables, assortment selection and lower prices allow Turkish and other foreign companies to maintain and even increase their revenue in Russia, ”the ROIF Expert report said.